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Decode And Conquer : Answers To Product Managem...


Decode & Conquer functions as a great introduction to product management philosophies and interview approaches. It is easily understandable even if you do not have a computer science education. The book also offers a dialogue style format for the answers to the example questions - which help the reader get an initial feel for how these conversations might go in the interview. The frameworks are at light and digestible and offer you a great place to get started.

In 2020, the functional role of a product manager has been deeply defined by many thought leaders. Product managers are coveted and are counted on to be a multiplier force within the company. Having an understanding of technology, domain expertise, knowledge of different functional teams, and being able to work with engineers have become table stakes. Rather, product managers are expected to be highly rigorous in their approach and offer unique insights that few can produce - both in their day to day role and also in the answers recited in interviews.

At the end of the day Decode and Conquer is still a good start for your product management interview journey. It provides a simple overview of the topics you are tested on in the interview and provides enough examples to orient yourself on how to communicate your answers. Beyond that, we suggest that you go deeper and create frameworks by learning from other product management leaders or using our guide so that you can provide answers that are truly insightful and rigorously methodical.

Get Decode and Conquer, the world's first book on preparing you for the product management (PM) interview. Author and professional interview coach, Lewis C. Lin provides you with an industry insider's perspective on how to conquer the most difficult PM interview questions. Decode and Conquer reveals:

In Decode and Conquer, the author gives an industry insider's perspective on how to conquer the most difficult product management (PM) interviews. The first book focused exclusively on PM interview preparation, Decode and Conquer will reveal: 59ce067264


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