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I Want To Buy A Dildo

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I Want To Buy A Dildo

Tip: Every sex toy is different. For instance, some vibrators will be fast, while others will be slow. Similarly, dildos come in a variety of sizes. This means some toys may pleasure you more than others. Reading the reviews can help you figure out which toy is likely to provide you the most pleasure.

Tip: If you don't want your parents or guardians finding out what you bought, tell them you ordered something else as a cover story. As an example, buy a book from a local bookstore and hide it in your room. Then, tell your parents that you ordered the book. When your package arrives, tell them your book came in.

Perhaps if you're thinking about buying your first dildo, you have a fantasy that looks something like this: You head to the sex shop with visions of phallic joy dancing in your head. You walk in ready to say, "One dildo please!" Then, you're confronted with a dizzying array of shapes, sizes, materials and textures.

Do you want one that looks and feels like a penis Do you want something made of steel, or glass, or acrylic or wood Do you want something with bumps and ridges Do you want something that looks like a popsicle Or are you totally overwhelmed and ready to go home

If you are strap-happy, your dildo needs to have a flanged base to hold it in a harness. But because this one's for partner play, you also need to consider who is on the receiving end. If pegging is in your plan, consider something with a curve so as to stimulate the prostate.

If you want this toy for vaginal action, consider fit, especially length because some of that inherently gets lost under the harness/belly if it's too long. How much depth do you need For oral play, width is what matters more.

In this case, you'll want to consider shapes. Do you want to feel like you are being penetrated by a penis Well then, something more realistic feeling is in order. Do you want to stimulate the G-spot or prostate This is a great time for something curved. Are you using it on yourself or someone else If you're looking for something to use on yourself, consider mechanics; if it isn't easy to use, it won't be fun.

The quick and dirty trick here for selecting a dildo with the right girth for you is to consider how many fingers the orifice you intend to use it in comfortably accommodates. Hold that number of fingers up to the largest insertable part (not the base) of any dildo and voilà! And seriously, be practical here. There is some anatomy involved.

Know what you need it for, how big it should be and what you want it to feel like. That's all it takes to shop for this type of sex toy with confidence and come up with something you'll enjoy.

Dildos are sex toys meant to be inserted in your vagina, anus, or mouth. The vast majority are vaguely penis-shaped; some are realistic, with sculpted veins and dual-density design to make them feel lifelike, while others are more abstract, with clean lines, slight curves, or textured shafts. They come in pretty much any length or width you could want, depending on your experience level.

Each material has its own pros and cons. Silicone is the most popular of the bunch for its soft, skinlike feel; it also allows suction cup dildos to stick to hard surfaces like walls and floors, allowing you to enjoy hands-free masturbation. However, silicone dildos should only be used with water-based lube, considering silicone-based options might actually cause them to break down. Glass and metal are harder than silicone, allowing you to experiment with different sensations. They can also be used with any personal lubricant you like.

You can also use a dildo for anal play. People with prostates can actually experience hands-free orgasms with the right stimulation; look for dildos with curved shafts or heads to make it easier to find and massage the P-spot. (The toys also make regular old masturbation feel even better.) People with vulvas, on the other hand, can actually achieve orgasm by indirectly stim


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