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All Episodes Of Beyblade Season 1 Cartoon In Hindi

All Episodes of Beyblade Season 1 Cartoon in Hindi

Beyblade is a popular anime series that follows the adventures of a group of young bladers who compete in tournaments using spinning tops called beyblades. The first season of Beyblade aired in Japan from January 8, 2001 to December 24, 2001, and consisted of 51 episodes. The series was dubbed in Hindi and aired on Cartoon Network India from 2003 to 2004.


In this article, we will list all the episodes of Beyblade Season 1 in Hindi, along with their titles, summaries, and links to watch them online. We will also provide some information about the main characters and the beyblades they use.

Main Characters and Beyblades

The main characters of Beyblade Season 1 are:

  • Tyson Granger: The protagonist of the series, Tyson is a passionate and energetic blader who loves to challenge anyone to a beybattle. He uses the Dragoon beyblade, which has the spirit of a dragon and can unleash powerful attacks.

  • Kai Hiwatari: The leader of the Bladebreakers team, Kai is a cold and ruthless blader who seeks to become the best in the world. He uses the Dranzer beyblade, which has the spirit of a phoenix and can create fire blasts.

  • Ray Kon: A former member of the White Tigers team, Ray is a calm and skilled blader who specializes in speed and precision. He uses the Driger beyblade, which has the spirit of a white tiger and can slice through anything.

  • Max Tate: A cheerful and friendly blader who moved from America to Japan, Max is an expert in defense and endurance. He uses the Draciel beyblade, which has the spirit of a turtle and can create a strong shield.

  • Kenny: A childhood friend of Tyson, Kenny is a genius who provides technical support and analysis for the Bladebreakers team. He does not have a beyblade, but he has a laptop named Dizzi that can communicate with him.

All Episodes of Beyblade Season 1 in Hindi

Here are all the episodes of Beyblade Season 1 in Hindi, along with their titles, summaries, and links to watch them online:

Episode Number





The Blade Raider

Tyson meets Kai, the leader of the Blade Sharks gang, who challenges him to a beybattle. Tyson accepts, but he loses his Dragoon to Kai. He then meets Kenny, who helps him upgrade his beyblade. Tyson challenges Kai again and manages to win back his Dragoon.

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Day of the Dragoon

Tyson learns that his Dragoon has a bit-beast inside it, which is the spirit of a dragon. He also meets Mr. Dickenson, who invites him to participate in the regional tournament. Tyson agrees, but he has to find three more teammates. He decides to ask Kai, Ray, and Max to join him.

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Take It to the Max!

Tyson meets Max, a new student from America who also loves beyblading. They become friends and have a friendly beybattle. However, they are interrupted by Carlos, a member of the Blade Sharks gang, who challenges Max to a battle. Max defeats Carlos with his Draciel.

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Beyblade Season 1 is a thrilling and exciting anime series that showcases the spirit and skills of the bladers and their beyblades. The series has a lot of action, humor, drama, and friendship, as well as some amazing battles and characters. If you are a fan of beyblading, or if you want to watch a fun and adventurous anime, you should definitely check out Beyblade Season 1 in Hindi.


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