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Perry Kanekuni

Advanced Desktop Locker Pro 8.0.0 FINAL Serial Serial Key [TOP]

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Advanced Desktop Locker Pro 8.0.0 FINAL Serial Serial Key [TOP]

Users cannot use a serial printer with the serial port redirection feature when Horizon Agent is installed in an RDS host if the agent group policy setting COM Port Isolation Mode is set to Full Isolation (the default setting). This problem affects both Windows and Linux clients. This problem does not occur for virtual desktops.

SyncBackSE V5.0.0.13 (August 2008) New: Search profile settings New: Traditional archive bit backup (incremental and differential) New: Can specify a different folder to use for full backups New: Can get registry values using variables, e.g. %@HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mozilla\Mozilla Firefox\CurrentVersion% New: Clicking on Result column will display profiles log file New: Prompted for confirmation when mirroring files in Results window New: If all files & folders are to be deleted then user now prompted first (if attended) New: Last mod date & time of multi-zip files now set New: Can rename multiple profiles New: Easy/Expert (shortcut) node in profile configuration tree New: Re-adding a filter that already exists will now re-apply the filters New: Can right-click on file/folder in file & folder selection tree to select it New: Can speak (or play WAV) when profiles start, finish, or require attention New: View Log sub-menu shows if profile aborted (for profile run using this new version) New: A profile run at different priority when run manually New: Can log the drives serial and model New: -countdownmsg command line parameter New: Restore versions pop-up menu items on Differences window New: User definable variables (also at group level that can be used by profiles in the group) New: New main menu item to shutdown computer once all profiles have finished New: File versioning filter (can now decide what files to version or not) New: Copy from shadow volume only (snapshot) New: Can add notes/comments to a profile. Notes are also displayed when importing a profile (not if unattended import via command line) New: Option to copy desktop.ini files correctly New: Option to hide the button panel New: Filename extension column in Results window New: Many new variables New: Mirror right or left quick config buttons on Decisions - Files profile config page New: Main window shows mirror right or left profile type if that is the profile type New: Can set local computer name to send to SMTP email server New: When a profile is selected in the main window the same profile(s) in other groups are also highlighted New: Uses MFMT automatically when FTP server supports it New: Can detect file renames with sync profiles New: Option not to record skipped files in log file New: Option to not pause profiles when computer is suspended New: Option to silently fail profile if the source or destination cannot be reached (network down, drive does not exist, or not disk in drive) New: Aternatives given for the source or destination path, e.g. using disk serial number instead if external drive New: Option to only run Run After program if any file changes made New: Option to open folder of file in the Differences window New: If an attempt is made to move, replace, or delete a Windows protected file then the error message in the log indicates it is a protected file New: KBps is now shown when copying files (no longer just with FTP) New: Remembers which profiles were selected in main window New: Tray icon indicates if profiles have failed (optional) New: File and folder selection tree shows if a file or folder exists in source and/or destination (sync profiles only) New: Option to stop using Windows Event Log New: Can switch off filtering for increased performance New: Can switch off file and folder selections for increased performance New: Can now use /silent or /verysilent command line param with uninstaller New: Can set number of seconds to sleep after system wakes from hibernatin/sleep Fixed: Prompt for Zip password, and can also abort profile when prompte


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